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Fangio: Broncos got hipped by Fournette, Jaguars in fourth consecutive loss 
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Сообщение Fangio: Broncos got hipped by Fournette, Jaguars in fourth consecutive loss
You could argue that the roughing the passer call inside two minutes to play was a highly questionable penalty with the game on the line.But it would be hard to argue the Broncos defense deserved a break after the performance it put up in the second half that ultimately led to a 26-24 loss to the Jaguars Sunday.Vic Fangio had no issue assessing the problem Jake Brendel Jersey.e just got whipped, he said.The comment was specifically in reference to the run defense allowing Leonard Fournette to scamper 269 yards, including one 81-yard haul - but it might as well have been the entire diagnosis.hey were pushing us around and he a big back and he broke tackles and moved the pile, and we got whipped.hen youe getting whipped like that it hard to win. Vic FangioThe Broncos were dominating 17-3 until an untimely interception just before halftime gave Jacksonville a spark https://www.broncosteamgearshop.com/Josey_Jewell_Jersey-55. And it was enough to put the Jaguars on the hunt in the third quarter where Gardner Minshew kept his offense on the field nearly 11 minutes before scoring a touchdown and closing the gap 17-13.An unfortunate three-and-out from the Broncos offense gave the Jaguars the ball back in less than two minutes https://www.broncosteamgearshop.com/Kevin_Hogan_Jersey-163, but it only took one play for Fournette to take the ball from the Jags own 14-yard line to the Broncos 12-yard line. Forty-five seconds later Jacksonville led 20-17.t changes the whole complex of the game. Our offense probably only had the ball three times in the second half. When we allow them to eat up 10 minutes of the third quarter, the whole game changes,Fangio said. f we could have answered their initial drive in the second half with some points and some first downs maybe the game different. When youe getting whipped like that it hard to win.he gassed Broncos D gives up an 81-yarder to Fournette after a three and out by the O.

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